Welcome, traveller, to the world of the BloGTK FAQ! This ancient font of knowledge contains (almost) everything you would want to know about BloGTK, what it does, how to use it, and how to make it work with all sorts of weblog systems. Become a BloGTK expert and be a hit with all the ladies!*

* Provided that the ladies are wildly fascinated by weblog editors.

  1. When will BloGTK 2.0 be available for download?

    BloGTK 2.0 is now available for download. See here for more information on how to get BloGTK 2.0.

  2. How can I help with the development of BloGTK?

    Do you know Python like the back of your hand? Does the thought of software testing cause a tingling sensation in your leg? Are you an XML ninja, a master of the Atom Publishing Protocol? Or do you have other skills that would help make BloGTK be flippin’ sweet?

    If so, you’re welcome to help. BloGTK is being built over at Launchpad, and once you’re set up there, you’ll be able to access BloGTK code and contribute patches. You can also test out BloGTK and submit bug reports and feature requests to help make BloGTK better.

  3. Will BloGTK 2.0 finally let me put titles on my Blogger posts?

    Yes. BloGTK 2.0 has support for the latest and greatest versions of Blogger, including the ability to have titles on your posts.

  4. What weblog platforms will work with BloGTK 2.0?

    Here is a list of weblog platforms known to work with BloGTK 2.0:

    • Blogger/Blogspot
    • WordPress and WordPress.com
    • Movable Type/Open Melody
    • b2evolution
    • Windows Live Spaces
    • Habari
    • LifeType
    • Expression Engine (autoconfiguration does not work)
    • Serendipity

    Other blog systems may work, but have not been tested. In general, BloGTK should work with any weblog package that supports the Movable Type API, the MetaWeblog API, or the old Blogger API.

  5. What do I need to run BloGTK 2.0?

    These packages are needed to run BloGTK 2.0. Your particular Linux distribution may have different names for some of them:

    For Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” and Above

    • python (2.6.2 recommended. BloGTK is not Python 3 compatible.)
    • python-gtk2
    • python-gnome2
    • python-gtkspell
    • pythong-gtksourceview2
    • python-feedparser
    • python-gdata
    • python-webkit

    In Ubuntu 10.04, the old python-gnome2-extras package was removed and replaced with smaller subpackages.

    For Other Distributions

    • python (2.6.2 recommended. BloGTK is not Python 3 compatible.)
    • python-gtk2
    • python-gnome2
    • python-gnome2-extras
    • python-feedparser
    • python-gdata
    • python-webkit