BloGTK Update: WebKit, Packaging, and the Future

Here’s a quick update on the state of BloGTK.

Lucid Packages: Sorry for the delay in packaging. I will have packages for Ubuntu 10.04 on the PPA up shortly. I will post an announcement here when they are available.

The new packages should eliminate the errors about the python-gnome2-extras package not being available. Ubuntu changed their packaging of certain GNOME libraries, and the new BloGTK packages will work with the changes to Ubuntu.

WebKit and BloGTK: BloGTK 2.0 uses the pywebkitgtk library to embed WebKit in the application. This library has caused many problems and is no longer in active development. So this means that the WebKit rendering code will have to be rewritten – and there’s a lot of code. The good news is that using PyGI introspection should give BloGTK closer access to the latest and greatest WebKit features. The bad news is that it may take some time to get it all working. Hopefully the change will be straightforward and BloGTK can leave behind all the bugginess.

Future Releases: The current plan is to move BloGTK 2.1 into being a largely under-the-hood release. The focus of that version will be on moving to WebKit introspection instead of pywebkitgtk and fixing bugs. Other features I want to implement are better error handling (with a GUI telling users how to turn on XML-RPC for WordPress), and better internationalization support.

After that, there will be a major feature release. BloGTK will move to WYSIWYG editing, with the optional code view still available. Image support will happen – either uploading the image to your blog or using Flickr/Picasa. There will be other cool stuff too. Thankfully, some of this code has been written, so it won’t be too difficult to implement.

BloGTK 1.x (2003-2010), RIP: The 1.0 series of BloGTK is not going to be developed further. Getting BloGTK 2.1 pushed out to all the major distros will be a priority. BloGTK 1.x had a much longer life than I would have expected. Thousands of people have used it, and it’s done better than I could have hoped. But it’s not worth maintaining anymore now that BloGTK 2.0 has taken off.

Thanks to everyone who has supported BloGTK – it’s appreciated! The upcoming architectural changes should remove one of the more frustrating roadblocks to making BloGTK what I always wanted it to be, and will hopefully lead to another major leap in open-source blogging.


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3 Responses to “BloGTK Update: WebKit, Packaging, and the Future”

  1. Paul Says:

    I am just curious if you are aware of Chyrp! (a blogging engine) and if this may feature anywhere in your plans?

    A minority interest, I expect, and not strictly relevant, but could you be the judge.

  2. Tomeu Vizoso Says:

    > The good news is that using PyGI introspection should give BloGTK closer access to the latest and greatest WebKit features.

    Any updates on this? PyGI is now packaged in Maverick and a backport for Lucid will appear shortly in the Empathy PPA:

  3. BloGTK Says:

    Paul: It looks like Chyrp will work with BloGTK – it uses the Movable Type API, so it should work out of the box. Just set the Blogging Tool option to “Movable Type” and it should work.

    Tomeu: I’m still figuring out exactly how PyGI will work exactly. I’ll update the blog as I progess. Thanks for the links – those will be helpful!

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