BloGTK, pywebkit, and WSIWYG: Crash Fixed?

Development on BloGTK 2.1 has been at a virtual standstill for a while, partially because I’ve been short on time and partially because there’s been a nasty segfault bug that kept cropping up whenever I tried to get the prototype WSIWYG editing system to work.

Now, lo and behold, it looks like that bug is no longer present, at least as of the latest version of Karmic. I’m performing more tests to confirm that the bug has been wiped out, but it looks like the crashes with the WSIWYG system aren’t happening any more.

If the segfault bug is gone, that will mean less time trying to trace that annoying crash and more time working on the next iteration of BloGTK.

With luck, BloGTK 2.1 will have WSIWYG editing; support for image uploads to your blogging system, Flickr, or Picasa; and some under the hood fixes as well.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted bug reports lately — I always appreciate the feedback.

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5 Responses to “BloGTK, pywebkit, and WSIWYG: Crash Fixed?”

  1. d0od Says:

    I’ve been happily using BLOGTK!2.1 on Lucid for a while and whilst photo uploads still don’t work for me i am in utter debt to you for the addition of a WYSIWYG editor – really makes me life 20x easier.


  2. James B Says:

    Hi, Just thought I’d mention, I have BloGTK running on OSX Snow Leopard. I’ll be doing a how too soon. Good work, thank you

  3. BloGTK Says:

    James: That’s awesome!

  4. zertanda Says:

    This program does not work in ubuntu lucid 64

  5. jackluu Says:

    I suggest you schedule feature to it
    i think it is useful, especially when we do not want to post too many posts a day

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