BloGTK Update

Here’s what’s happening in the world of BloGTK:

First, thanks to all who have contributed patches, bug reports, and feedback in 2009. Bringing BloGTK back from the dead was a great experience, and it’s good to know that it’s appreciated.

The next release of BloGTK will be 2.0.1, which will mainly be a bugfix release with some added spit and polish. Again, keep submitting those bug reports so that any outstanding bugs with 2.0 can be squashed.

Next up is 2.1. I want 2.1 to be an awesome release, but right now there’s a huge roadblock. The WebKit library that BloGTK uses loves to segfault. This bug is a showstopper for BloGTK. There may be ways of working around it, but all of them are kludgy and generally uncool.

So, if there are any experts in writing Python bindings out there who can take a look at this bug and offer a patch, that would be extremely helpful. Right now, that bug is keeping 2.1 development from truly moving forward, and I’d hate for this project to be stalled out over technical issues once more.

More news as development continues.

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