OMG! A BloGTK Review!

Ubuntu blog OMG! UBUNTU! has a nice review of BloGTK with some great constructive criticism.

For example, they note that the buttons on the editor toolbar can be difficult to understand. 2.0.1 will feature tooltips for all the buttons to make them easier to figure out. Plus, the insert link icon will be the system standard icon.

The review also notes two feature requests: WYSIWYG editing and Blogger tags. WYSIWYG editing is being experimented with for 2.1, and Blogger tags will come once Ubuntu updates the python-gdata library to support them. Hopefully both will be coming soon.

Thanks to OMG! UBUNTU! for the nice review.

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5 Responses to “OMG! A BloGTK Review!”

  1. d0od Says:

    Ouch! Now i feel like i was overly mean reading the review back!

    Great news about the WYSIWYG – Call me a Luddite, but my parsing falls to pieces with one.

    And blogger tags too?! Aaah! Awesome.I was worried they would be forgotten.

    I didn’t mention in the article, because it sounded a bit too fanboyish, but the original BloGTK! was the very first non-default application i installed in Ubuntu back during Gutsy. I tracked the 2.0 development for a while via bzr but got glade issue after glade issue for a long time. I forget about it for 6 months and et voila! It’s released!

    Great work though with 2.0 and i’m pleased that some momentum has started to build up around BloGTK!.


  2. d0od Says:

    I of course meant my parsing falls to pieces withOUT a WYSIWYG and i failed to inform that it was I who wrote the review. My site is

  3. tehwalrus Says:

    dude, do you know when v2 will be up on ubuntu’s repos? it’s still 1.1 (and I think that’s why I had such a hard time getting it setup on the netbook remix..)

    in the meantime a quick how-to on installing wouldn’t go amiss… :)

  4. hansioux Says:

    Shinny. thanks for all the hard work. i think WYSIWYG and image uploading will really be the critical features that makes blogtk mainstream.

  5. LS Says:

    Hey! :) Great job with BloGTK. I’m using it now for posting to my WordPress blog, and I like it so far.

    One question though, is there a possibility for you to add support for Tumblr? At least for text posts? :)

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