Development Update

A few bits and pieces from the BloGTK front.

A new Ubuntu package for the old BloGTK 1.1 codebase has been released. This packages fixes a major bug with Python 2.6 and is recommended for all. For details, see the official release message. Thanks to Ralph Taylor for the fix.

Development on BloGTK 2.0 has lulled a little bit this summer, but is now picking back up. The focus right now is on squashing bugs rather than adding new features. Once the system is ready, the code will be moved on to the packaging phase – turning all the code from a bunch of code in one directory to something that can be installed and packaged.

Again, keep on filing bug reports and/or playing around with the source code for BloGTK. Already, there’s been one helpful contributor that’s helped with b2evolution compatibility. The more bug reports or patches, the better BloGTK will be.

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    [...] BloGtk – One rule most bloggers learn early on is never type your post directly into your blogging platform’s online editor via a browser window. All it takes is one browser crash and all your hard work is toast. Python-based BloGtk is a self-defense weapon that lets you post blog content without the risk of losing your work. If you’re already using this client on Ubuntu, be sure to pick up the latest package that fixes a major bug. All other current and potential users will be glad to know that the project’s developer is rounding the corner toward the release of BloGtk 2.0. [...]

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